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15  date: 2007-07-20 10:58:39
ken graves ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

enjoyed them immensely. they were two of the best.

14  date: 2007-07-07 09:24:26
giorgio (italy) ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

non so perchč oggi mi sono venuti in mente loro due, ma se ci penso li ringrazio per aver reso ancora pił bella la mia infanzia.
grazie johnny e grazie frank.
...per sempre nella storia con la vostra arte.

13  date: 2007-05-11 15:46:52
brita tarrant ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

wayne and shuster are comedy gods! my family grew up with them in detroit (watching them just across the water on cbc channel 9) and to this day our conversation is sprinkled with their jokes and we can bring ouselves to tears of laughter whenever we talk about everything from maximus p.i. to the brown pumpernickle and everything in between. ah...memories...

12  date: 2007-04-24 19:22:36
will stotesbury-leeson ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

great site you have--i've looked on the internet before for sites on wayne and shuster, but they are few and far between. i hope that you can expand it over time, and give them the tribute that they really do deserve! all the best!

11  date: 2007-02-18 10:29:11
linda stradley ( no email / ) wrote:

i grew up with johnny wayne and frank schuster. i really miss watching them. their slapstick comedy would still outstrip the trash that's on the tube today. i am dying to get their clips dvd.

10  date: 2007-02-08 09:13:46
ed thwaites ( no email / http://red-stapler.com) wrote:

wayne and shuster's julius caesar is one of the fondest memories from my childhood. legionnaires, count out! i ii iii iv v vi vii!! classics of canadian comedy. john and frank, you are sorely missed.

9  date: 2007-01-19 15:55:58
jeffrey wilson ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

really enjoyed the site, shawn. great work! i too miss watching wayne & shuster on tv. i was surprised and quite disappointed that comedy network took them off the air. i thought they wanted to keep lots of canadian content, but maybe they needed room in their schedule for brand new canadian material. in any case, i am going now to tvland canada online and submit w&s in their "suggest-a-show" area. if anyone else out there wants to see them on tv again, i urge you to do the same. thanks again and best of luck.

8  date: 2006-11-13 02:49:29
ryan kraemer ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i am looking for the complete lyrics to the end theme... "i can see by the clock on the wall... a la prochaine, goodbye until we meet again"

the chording structure would be great too, but if not, i am sure someone i know can figure it out.

if the webmaster or anyone reading this can help me you can send them to rkraemer@mts.net

7  date: 2006-10-21 12:19:03
shawn (webmaster) ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i do plan to start a petition at some point over the next few weeks. pretty busy right now. -shawn

6  date: 2006-10-15 07:23:21
lucas ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

oh i forgot to mention i was wondering if some one could post where i could find the wayne and shuster dvd and also i have been sending countless e-mails to get wayne and shuster back on the comedy network

5  date: 2006-10-15 07:17:29
lucas ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i love wayne and shuster i used to wake up at 7 in the morning to watch them on the comedy network but the comedy network's licence to show the show has expired to show them nd i havent watched them in about 4 months and i think this website should start a petition to get wayne and shuster back on the air

4  date: 2006-09-26 03:13:46
threerandot (webmaster) ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i wish i had some information but if i do get some info i will post it on the website. you could scan it and i could post it on the site for all to enjoy!

3  date: 2006-09-23 01:08:59
ty ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

i have an old wayne and shuster comic book given out buy gulf oil. does any one know anything about these?

2  date: 2006-09-03 23:39:54
guido ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

the only sites i found about w&s with some infos!
they are great!

1  date: 2006-08-13 02:19:22
stacey ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

awsome duo!

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